Granulates with the environment in mind


WPC Granules – an ecological alternative

In today’s world, environmental protection is becoming increasingly important, and growing ecological awareness.

Innovations in Recycling: Compositive Technology

Recycling raw materials plays a crucial role in pursuing sustainable development and environmental protection.

What does World Ecological Debt Day teach us?

World Ecological Debt Day is a symbolic date that marks the moment when the consumption of natural resources in a given year exceeds the capacity of our planet to replenish these resources.

Compositive Thermoplastic Starch – an ecological innovation

Compositive thermoplastic starch is a biodegradable granulate manufactured from renewable sources like plant starch. It serves as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics.

Recognition for Compositive’s BIOCOM Starch Bioplastic Granulate

Among the recognized materials was our innovative, biodegradable granulate with a blend of thermoplastic starch, BIOCOM Starch, which we presented at the PLASTPOL trade fair.

Biogranulates by Compositive at the PLASTPOL 2023 Trade Fair

Welcome to Kielce for the PLASTPOL 2023 Fair from May 23rd to 26th, during which we will present our latest biocomposite granulate innovations.