About us

Compositive is a unique combination of the latest technological advances with elegant design. The brand delivers to customers exceptional composite products, that is natural wood elements combined with a special mix of thermoplastic polymers. Thanks to this solution, our product has the noble appearance of wood, while its properties match those of plastics. The formula developed by Compositive makes it possible to match visual qualities with product functionality.

Compositive is a Polish brand created by Pacyga, a furniture maker who for years has been following the trends in the interior design market and striving to fulfil the customers’ needs to the best of their ability. This ambition drives the company to discover new opportunities and expand its horizons.

“Drawing on our many years’ experience, we have created the Compositive brand, to offer top-quality composite boards to our customers. The composite looks like wood, but has different properties, including weather resistance. It retains its shape and colour for years. By offering a combination of natural elements with WPC, we are protecting the environment and supporting ecological solutions in your home. Join those who already love our products.”

Krzysztof Pacyga, owner

Warm water and cleaners to have spotlessly clean terrace

Easy cleaning

Good solution for every weather condisions
Resistant to the weather
Right usage provides colours durability for years
Colour durability
Thanks high quality materials, the composit boards don’t loose their shape
Shape durability
Composite boards it’s good choice for years
20 years of guarantee