Granulates with the environment in mind

Less plastic, more possibilities

Compositive is a leader in the production of modern, eco-friendly, and biodegradable composite granules with the addition of wood flour, coffee husks, or hemp.

Additionally, we are the producer of thermoplastic starch, which is why our product range also includes biocomposite materials.

Compositive granules are primarily highly customizable composites aimed at achieving high strength, effectively replacing traditional plastics.

They are created using a unique and proprietary technology and are primarily intended for processing by injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming, 3D printing, or blow molding

In our offer

Granules WPC

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) granules are advanced wood and plastic composite materials that offer an innovative solution in the plastics industry.

These granules are manufactured from a blend of wood (wood flour) and polymers. By combining these two materials, WPC granules combine the benefits of wood and plastics, resulting in their exceptional properties.


Granules from coffee husks

Coffee husk granules are an innovative and eco-friendly solution within the plastics industry. These are composite materials formed from a blend of coffee husks and polymers.

Coffee husks are byproducts generated during the roasting of coffee beans. Previously considered as waste, today, thanks to advanced compositing techniques, they are utilized as valuable raw materials for granule production.


Thermoplastic starch

Granules based on thermoplastic starch are advanced synthetic materials. The thermoplastic starch, which forms the main component of these granules, is sourced from natural origins such as potatoes, corn, or wheat.

The primary feature of these granules is their biodegradability. Products made from these granules can break down under natural conditions, such as when exposed to moisture and microorganisms, transforming into environmentally-friendly compost.


Wood flour

Our offered wood flour is derived entirely from wood that holds FSC certification, indicating that it’s sourced exclusively from legal origins. For the production of this wood flour, we utilize hardwood, known for its enhanced hardness and durability. As a result, our wood flour boasts excellent mechanical properties, is easy to work with, and is well-suited for processing.


What can we do for You?

We will create a unique recipe tailored to your company's needs, adapted to the requirements and characteristics of the machine and detail.

We will provide opportunities to differentiate your current and new products by employing innovative materials.

We will reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions, allowing you to save money.

We will ensure that your company contributes to the eco-friendly concept of #lessplastic #morepossibilities.


WPC Granules – an ecological alternative

In today’s world, environmental protection is becoming increasingly important, and growing ecological awareness.

Innovations in Recycling: Compositive Technology

Recycling raw materials plays a crucial role in pursuing sustainable development and environmental protection.

What does World Ecological Debt Day teach us?

World Ecological Debt Day is a symbolic date that marks the moment when the consumption of natural resources in a given year exceeds the capacity of our planet to replenish these resources.