Granulates with the environment in mind

Eco-Friendly Composite Pellets with Coffee Husks

One of the first products in the Compositive range was wood plastic composite (WPC) pellets with the addition of wood flour. These are the most well-known and popular pellets used for the production of environmentally friendly products used, for example, in gastronomy, catering, decoration, and in any other industry where conventional plastic is used. Recently, our company’s offering also includes modern composite pellets with coffee husks.

granulaty z łuską kawy

Modern composites with coffee husks

Compositive, with environmental protection and the reuse of resources in mind, as part of the “zero waste” concept, has included roasted coffee husks in its production. These coffee husks have become another type of filler for the brand’s range of pellets.

„Due to the increasing consumption of crude oil resources, rising oil prices, and the issue of waste and its impact on the environment, our company is constantly seeking new ways to use natural resources in the plastics industry. The use of such fillers allows us to obtain the desired properties of composite materials and also contributes to solving the problem of managing the growing amount of post-production waste. For these reasons, we started to use coffee husks in the production of pellets.” says Piotr Pacyga from Compositive.

Currently, Compositive’s composite pellets with coffee husks are widely used in the production of materials and products in various industries. One of these industries is the decorative and horticultural sector, where products like plant pots and covers made from our material have been introduced.

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