The Compositive products are unique due to their supreme quality and cutting-edge solutions which make them weatherproof.



The natural, aesthetic finish will be appreciated by customers for many years to come. Composite boards do not require costly and regular maintenance.

We are presenting product lines:




Solid Line


An excellent solution for those who seek a reliable product at an affordable price. Non-sanded composite boards are made by combining wood with polymers and enhancers. Their great advantage is durability, as well as weather resistance.

Available colors:




These types of trims are mostly used as external decking finishes of any kind.




Available colors:



Stop ends


Stop ends are used as front decking board finishes, with the additional function of dirt, water and pest protection.


Available colors:


Fastening clips


Joists are fixed to composite boards using plastic fastening clips and stainless screws. This provides for proper fixation of the boards to create a safe structure.
There are 30 fastening clips and 30 screws in the pack.






An indispensable element in deck fitting using composite boards. Joists must be firmly fixed to the floor so that they provide a solid base. The composite joist is made by combining natural wood with polymers and enhancers. This makes it resistant to weather conditions, fracturing and rotting.